Toddlers Entertained on the Plane: Top Tips for Stress-Free Travel

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Keeping toddlers entertained on the plane can be challenging. Discover stress-free travel tips to ensure a smooth, enjoyable flight for you and your little ones.

Traveling with toddlers can be challenging, especially on long flights. Ensuring they are entertained and comfortable is essential for a smooth journey. Planning and packing engaging items can help make the flight more enjoyable for your child and yourself.


We will explore some practical tips and strategies to keep toddlers entertained and content while flying.


Choosing The Right Activities


Choose engaging and age-appropriate activities for toddlers to keep them entertained on the plane. Consider bringing coloring books, stickers, small toys, and interactive games to keep them occupied during the flight. A tablet with age-appropriate apps and videos can also be a great entertainment option.

Picking Engaging Toys

When selecting toys, opt for compact options that do not make noise.

Consider colorful, interactive toys to hold their attention.

Interactive Books And Apps

Interactive books or apps can be a great distraction for toddlers.

Choose ones with bright colors and simple activities.

Toddlers Entertained on the Plane


Preparing A Travel Entertainment Kit

Essential Items To Include

When traveling with toddlers, having a well-prepared entertainment kit can be a game-changer, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey with toddlers entertained on the plane. Here are the essential items you should include:

  • Coloring books and crayons: Let your toddler’s creativity flow with coloring activities.
  • Interactive storybooks: Engage your child with books that have flaps, textures, or sound buttons.
  • Favorite toys:  Bring their favorite toys to make them feel comfortable and entertained.
  • Snacks: Pack various healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay and provide a distraction.
  • Headphones: Ensure your toddler has child-friendly headphones for watching videos or listening to music.

Diy Entertainment Options

For a more personalized touch, consider creating your entertainment options:

  • Homemade busy bags: Fill small bags with simple activities like puzzles, stickers, and small toys.
  • Finger puppets: Create finger puppets on paper or felt for interactive storytelling.
  • DIY sensory bottles: Fill clear bottles with colorful beads, glitter, and water for a mesmerizing sensory experience.
  • Travel-themed scavenger hunt: You might want to list items to see during the flight, such as clouds, a certain color, or a particular shape.

Snack Time Strategies

Snack time strategies are essential for keeping toddlers entertained on a plane. Providing healthy and easy-to-manage snacks is vital with limited space and potential for mess. By implementing the right snack time strategies, you can keep your toddler content and occupied during the flight.

Healthy And Easy Snack Ideas

When choosing snacks for your toddler during a flight, healthy and easy options. These can include pre-cut fruits, such as apple slices or grapes, and bite-sized vegetables like carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes. Additionally, consider packing whole grain crackers or rice cakes for a satisfying crunch that won’t create a mess. These options provide essential nutrients and are easy for toddlers to handle.

Avoiding Messy Foods

When selecting snacks for the plane, it’s important to avoid messy foods that could create a cleanup nightmare. Skip items like yogurt or sticky fruits that can easily spill and become difficult to manage in a confined space. Choose snacks that won’t leave residue, like granola bars, trail mix, or cheese cubes. These options are less likely to create a mess and can be easily contained in a small snack container.

Toddlers Entertained on the Plane


Utilizing Screen Time Wisely

Setting Limits

Establish clear boundaries for screen time to prevent overuse and ensure a balanced experience.

Educational Content

Opt for educational apps or shows to engage toddlers in learning while on the plane.

Creative Play Ideas


Keep your toddler entertained on a plane with creative play ideas. Bring along coloring books, stickers, and small toys. Use snack time as an opportunity to play games and read books together.

Imaginative Games

Encourage toddlers to engage in pretend play with simple games like Simon Says or I Spy.

Utilize storytelling by creating imaginative stories together to keep them entertained.

Arts And Crafts Supplies

Provide coloring books and crayons for a mess-free creative outlet.

Bring along stickers and construction paper for fun arts and crafts projects.

Involving Them In The Travel Process

Getting toddlers involved in the process can keep them entertained and engaged during travel. You can keep them occupied and excited by giving them tasks and activities related to the trip. Here are some creative ways to involve toddlers in the travel process.

Letting Them Help Pack

Letting toddlers help pack their small backpacks can make them feel responsible and involved.

Please give them a list of items needed and let them choose a few toys, books, or snacks to pack. It gives them a sense of ownership over their things and makes them feel involved in the planning.

Creating A Travel Journal

Creating a travel journal can be a fun and educational activity for toddlers. Let them draw pictures of the places they’re going, write down their favorite memories, or collect small mementos like ticket stubs. This keepsake will keep them engaged throughout the trip, and they’ll have a beautiful keepsake to remember.

Managing Sleep And Rest

When traveling with toddlers, managing sleep and rest is crucial to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey for both the child and the parents. It’s important to encourage naps and provide comfort items to help your toddler get the rest they need while on the plane.

Encouraging Naps

Encouraging your toddler to nap during the flight can help them stay rested and content. Consider scheduling the flight during your child’s usual nap time to align with their natural sleep patterns. Bring their favorite blanket or stuffed animal to create a familiar and comfortable environment for napping.

Comfort Items For Sleeping

Comfort items play a vital role in helping toddlers sleep on a plane. Pack their favorite pillow, blanket, or snuggly toy to provide security and familiarity. These items can help soothe your child and promote better sleep quality during the flight.

Dealing With Fussy Behavior

Traveling with a fussy toddler can be a challenging experience, especially on a plane. Keep them entertained and calm during the ride by having a few tricks up your sleeve.

Distraction Techniques

Engage your toddler with interactive toys or games to divert their attention from fussiness.

  • Bring their favorite small toys or books to keep them occupied.
  • Play simple games like peek-a-boo or singing nursery rhymes.
  • Use a tablet or smartphone with child-friendly apps or videos.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward good behavior to encourage positive responses and reduce fussiness.

  1. Praise your toddler when they are calm and cooperative.
  2. Offer small rewards like stickers or snacks for staying calm.
  3. Create a positive environment by being patient and understanding.

Interacting With Other Passengers


Keeping toddlers entertained on the plane can be challenging, but interacting with other passengers can help. Encourage your child to engage with new friends, play simple games, or read books together to make the flight more enjoyable for everyone.

Etiquette Tips

Engaging With Seatmates

Interacting with Other Passengers on a plane can be a fun experience for toddlers. Here are some Etiquette Tips and ways to Engage with Seatmates: – Respect others’ personal space. – Encourage your child to greet them politely. – Ask permission before engaging in conversations or games. – Be mindful of noise levels. – Offer a smile and be friendly. – Engage in small talk if the other passenger seems open to it. When flying with toddlers, it’s essential to maintain good etiquette and engage positively with seatmates to ensure a pleasant journey for everyone involved.

Toddlers Entertained on the Plane



It can fly with a toddler, but with a little planning and creativity, it can even be enjoyable. There are plenty of ways to keep your little one entertained on a long flight, from packing snacks and toys to downloading movies and games.

Remember to take breaks and stretch your legs when possible. With these tips, you can make your next plane ride with your toddler stress-free and fun. Happy travels!


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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